Welcome to Yangshuo!

Limestone paradise of South-China.


Yangshuo town is just a pleasant walk away from our retreat with The Pomelo Garden as its restaurant and offers a good selection of restaurants and bars. Our staff will be happy to give you a recommendation depending on the type of food you are in for. A full list of restaurants with specialties and location will become available soon. 

The Alley Beer Bar definitely offers the best pepperoni pizza and a great selection of burgers as delicious as you will find them here at our Pomelo Garden, located near West Street but away from the crowds with a cozy terrace in front, near a small little creek. The best curries are to be found in the Kali Mirsch, with its leaflets available at our reception.

Local Bars

The Alley Beer bar is Yangshuo's most popular hangout with expats. With its live sports broadcast, foosball competition nights and a great selection of imported beers and spirits Austrian Andy and Chinese Cai Lei easily keep a crowd entertained.

For live music head to the cosy kaya Bar oppposite the Alley. Don't be fooled by their reggae appearance, they play various kinds of music from hiphop to electronic. Often closes the Yangshuo bar scene early morning.