Taxi Pickup and our Free Shuttle Service

Bringing you straight to us without any stress...

For a most convenient transfer, we can arrange a taxi or mini-van for you to pick you up anywhere near Guilin, airport, rice terraces or Yangshuo. This way it is much easier to get to our retreat and you do not have to worry about being cheated. These pick-ups can be arranged day or night so with very early or late arrivals you do not necessarily need to spend a night in Guilin, the taxi ride to Yangshuo would only take about half an hour longer. 

Important note: We had numerous travelers who waited until their arrival at the airport and arranged their taxi there and experienced problems with overcharged fares and explaining directions to our village because the majority of drivers just know the location of the bus station in Yangshuo which resulted in numerous phone calls to us for directions, to bargain down to a fair rate, and a prolonged journey. Often they were just dropped off at the bus station and left on their own. So we recommend all travelers in China to have their pick-up arranged by the hotel of destination.


Guilin Bus / Train Station

1 - Bus / South train station (1h30m)

4-seat taxi: 250Y
7-seat van: 330Y
14-seat bus: 380Y

2 - North Train Station (1h50m)

4-seat taxi: 290Y
7-seat van: 360Y
14-seat bus: 450Y

For your train station pick-up, please provide us with your full train number and scheduled arrival time . From a Guilin hotel add 20-30Y depending its location.

Guilin Airport (KWL)

Recommended Highway;(1h10m)

4-seat taxi: 320Y
7-seat van: 440Y
14-seat bus: 490Y

For pick-ups we'll need your flight number and scheduled arrival time.

Li-river boat cruise from Guilin


We can help you to book a Li-river cruise from Guilin to Yangshuo. When you make your reservation you can select this cruise and we will send you an email with all the practical information concerning the cruise. We can arrange your transfer from your hotel in Guilin to the docks here in Yangshuo. For a final pick-up from the docks to our retreat please call us upon arrival (+86(0)773 8888766) and we will send our driver out for you. These dock transfers cannot be arranged from beforehand since arrival times of boats differ too much from scheduled times and drivers are not allowed to wait nor park near the docks. For detailed information about the cruise this Yangshuo travel guide offers the most updated information about this cruise and other activities in Yangshuo.

Yangshuo - Town


Please call us upon arrival in Yangshuo during reception hours (7.30am-23.00pm) to tell us where you are (there are phone shops in the center in case you did not bring a phone) and we will call a driver to pick you up soon. Please note that our shuttle service is limited to run between our hotel and West Street area. For pick-ups from the docks or bus station we are required to call a taxi company.

* A taxi (sedan type) can fit maximum 4 people with light carriage. If you carry more luggage than can fit in an average sized trunk and on top of your laps, hiring a mini-van is recommended to ensure a comfortable journey

Taxi prices in Yangshuo are among the most expensive in China. They are operated by only a well connected few and none has a meter installed or will be willing to use it. The minimum 'get in' fee is 25Y, even if the ride is only a few hundreds meter and any taxi ride between a countryside hotel and Yangshuo town will be 60Y return fee. To eliminate this high cost for travelers who prefer to stay in the countryside we provide a free shuttle service in and out of the center 7 times a day. This new service will take you within 5 minutes of the center in a most comfortable, easy and quick way, cost-free. When you can call us upon arrival we can have our driver to pick you up in Yangshuo, free of charge. During your stay outiside of free shuttle times we can arrange a mini-van for just 20Y. Alternatively, we are located within a beautiful walking distance from the center (15-20 minutes), or a 7 minute bike ride along the river.

For more detailed information on all pick-up options and ways to best get to our hotel please check here