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Yangshuo is a paradise for families with kids. Beautiful landscapes, fresh air, a safe environment and plenty of activities to keep parents and kids easily entertained. But traveling with children can be quite tiredsome and a good family hotel can be hard to find. Look no further, the Yangshuo Village Retreat - owned and run by a young Belgian-Chinese family - is a place where we would like to stay ourselves. Our quiet countryside location void from traffic offers plenty of fresh air and space for your kids to enjoy themselves while you don't need to worry about their safety. Our staff members love children as well so there is always someone around to entertain them and make sure they have a fantastic time while you as parents can enjoy a welcome break.


We realise children's tastes differ from those of our older guests, so we are currently working on our special children's menu. Great food at great value for the little ones.

Tours & Activities

Yangshuo offers a great range of activities you can enjoy with your children. Almost all the activities in our activites section can be done with children. In addition we can recommend :

Yangshuo park:

This beautiful park in the center of Yangshuo offers a real taste of Chinese culture, depending on what time of the day you go you may see people practicing tai chi, ballroom dancing, singing, playing chess, and many other activities. And especially for the kids there is a selection of children's rides & games that will guarantee afternoon entertainments for the whole family

Fuli fan painting:

This can be a real treat for the kids, not only do they get to see how these beautiful fans but they get to paint there own and take it back home, a perfect reminder of your time in Yangshuo


There are so many cycling routes around yangshuo that we can easily recommend routes that would be suitable for you and your children, we can give you advice on where to take breaks and how long different parts of the routes will take so you can really feel comfortable on your journey. We provide children's bikes , child seats and tandem bikes!

Cormerant Fishing:

Many children love this show, its truly unique. Not only do you get to see this historical and cultural tradition, but you have the fun of traveling down the Li-River in the early evening which is a beautiful sight. The boat will also stop after the main fishing so the kids can see the birds up close and there is the opportunity to take some great photos.


In order to make your travels as a family with kids easier we provide baby chairs and baby washing facilities, toys, games and most importantly, a warm hearted and welcoming team around you!


Family Blog

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