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Climbing in Yangshuo

Yangshuo is rapidly evolving into the climbing hotspot of Asia with over 400 rock climbing routes of various levels ranging in difficulty from 5.6 to 5.14. Our Carpe Diem hostel is a great place to meet climbers from all over the world. For experienced climbers, here at Trippers, Yangshuo's countryside hostel, we have Yangshuo maps of most of theYangshuo rock climbing sites, climbing equipment for rental and we can arrange transportation to and from the caves at minimum costs. For beginner climbers, we carefully selected one of Yangshuo's most experienced local guides Sky (and personal friend) to be your guide and partner for the day. Apart from being a very experienced and passionate climber - he holds the National Chinese Climbing certificate - he takes safety very seriously, speaks English well, and will give you all the information you need and guide you on a very personal base with a super friendly and genuine approach. He is Chinese, is very familiar with climbing in Yangshuo and beyond and is always up for a beer afterwards!

Cycling in Yangshuo

Cycling is a great way to come around and explore Yangshuo's countryside with countless trails and paths leading through some of the most amazing scenery South-China has on offer. Here at Trippers Carpe Diem, Yangshuo's countryside hostel, you would be staying at a very scenic and less travelled part of Yangshuo with plenty of hike and biking trails starting right here in the village. To help you make the most out of your cycling experience, we have composed a very detailed and informative cycling guide with various routes through less traveled areas around Yangshuo, 'old towns and villages' descriptions, market days, interesting and scenic spots and we can always arrange a fun and knowledgable guide to go along with you. And we provide the best maps of Yangshuo, free of charge.

Kayaking on the Li-River

 is a great way to enjoy the amazing scenery around the Li-river. While most parts of the river are crowded with either tourist bamboo rafts and big tour boats, our guides will guide you to a more secluded part of the Li-river south of Yangshuo where you can experience daily Chinese countryside life unspoiled by tourism as it has been for centuries with farmers ploughing their fields with buffaloes, fishermen, playing kids, etc in a far more relaxing environment than other parts of the Li and Yulong river. Our tour starts from the ancient town of Fuli from where you will paddle your way south down to Liugong, where you can have a rest, share a drink on the wooden platform extending over the river, before you continue to kayak further down the Li-river to Puyi town. In Puyi there will be a driver waiting for you and guide you to the local bus stop back toYangshuo.

Yangshuo Bamboo-rafting on the Yulong and Li-river

Taking a bamboo raft ride on either the Li-river or Yulong river is another highly relaxing way to enjoy the scenery, and combined with one of our village cycling trips it counts as a favorite of all Yangshuo tours. You can start at different places along both rivers and the rides range from about an hour to five hours. Do not confuse with white-water rafting, as the current in both rivers is very slow. Along the Li-river, where the landscape is more varied with hundreds of karst mountain peaks towering up the shores, the rafts are motorized while along the Yulong river, the rafts are steered in a most traditional fashion by a gondolier. Rafts on the Li-river sit 4 people while the Yulong river rafts only take two people a time.

Caving in Yangshuo

It's not only above the ground that Yangshuo's scenery is stunning. The erosion of the karst peaks have created some amazing underground caves with impressive stalactites and stalagmites, meandering rivers and lakeshot springs and refreshing mud baths. Perfect to combine with one of our guided cycling tours along the scenic cave area. Here at Trippers, Yangshuo's countryside hostel, we can provide you withdiscount tickets for all the cavesmapstransportation to and from the caves and if you wish, our local guide can join you for a most fun and interesting trip.

Swimming in the Li & Yulong Rivers

Swimming is one of the most common past times for not only travelers but for the local people of yangshuo, The Li and Yulong rivers are both littered with many private spots where you can simply make your way down to the bank, jump in and spend a relaxng afternoon swimming surrounded by the beautifull carste mountains and watching the water bufallo and fisherman pass by. Our hotel is within 5 minutes walking distance of the Li-River and only short walk from the "Golden Sands" beach resort, where you can enjoy a drink and some food after your swim. Or for a more secluded private spot, ask one of our staff and we can tell you the way to "The Secret Beach" the perfect place for a lazy afternoon

Hiking around the Yangshuo area

IFor those who enjoy a good walk in the countryside, yangshuo offers a huge amount of off the beaten track paths, many of the walks simply between the villages in the local surrounding area offer stunning views and a real taste or rural china, The routes can vary hugely in length and difficulty, giving the opportunity for everyone no matter what level of fitness to easily find a suitable route to enjoy the scenery. Yangshuo also lies close to the Long jin Rice teraces, a stunning site for even the most vetran traveler, we can arrange transport to and from the terraces and give you recomendations on routes to take and even offer advice for those wishing to spend more than a day walking these beautifull terraces